School Regulations

  1. Students should arrive at the school at least 5 minutes before assembly. No one who has been late may be admitted to class without an admittance slip from the office.
  2. The school does not provide any transport facility. It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to ensure the safe transportation of their children/ Wards to the school.
  3. Silence within the classroom is mandatory. While changing classrooms, show concern for other classes in progress.
  4. Books, magazines, comics or newspapers may not be brought to the school without explicit permission.
  5. Damage to school property is repaired at the cost of the responsible party.
  6. The school is not responsible for goods lost. Students are advised not to bring valuable articles to school. Bookbags, pencil boxes and tiffin carriers should be marked with the student’s name.
  7. In case of a contagious disease in their homes, the students should not return to school without the usual clearance from the doctor.
  8. Any student found using unfair means during an examination will be debarred from further examinations and is liable to be detained/expelled.
  9. When school is in session, parents should not visit the classes or teachers without explicit permission.
  10. Students are advised not to buy food from the hawkers who crowd around the school. However, the canteen facility may be made available within the campus for a are a limited period of time during the school hours. Only such snacks and soft drinks will be sold in the canteen as permitted by the school.
  11. Since students have a habit of studying just before an exam, the stress will now be on continuous assessment, through weekly tests. If a student misses any of these tests, no provision will be made for a retest. Continuous assessment is also supplemented by projects, quizzes and co-curricular activities.
  12. A student who is not habitually clean or properly dressed in the school uniform, will be sent home.
  13. No De Nobili student is permitted to drive a motorized vehicle without the written permission of the parents and the Principal.
  14. Students are not permitted to leave the school campus at any time during the school hours. Parents are advised NOT to request the office for such permission.
  15. Parents are advised not to send a sick child to school only for weekly tests or for Semester exams.
  16. In the event of any unscheduled holiday the following or any other convenient Saturday will be class day with the time table of the day missed.
  17. Students are forbidden to give their teachers individual or collective presents. Collection for any purpose requires the Principals’ sanction.
  18. Students must be present on the opening day of each term (Summer, Puja, X-mas) failing which 3 marks will be deducted from each subject.
  19. No provision is made for supplementary test for those who remain absent from tests and terminal examinations. No provision for re-examination or promotion on trial is made for failed candidates.
  20. Students are forbidden to strew the wrappers of the chocolates and other edibles items anywhere in the campus other than the dustbins provided at different corners in the campus.
  21. The facility of a bookstore will made available in the School campus for the convenience of the students. It will be for the purpose of having an easy access to textbooks, note books and school stationery.
  22. No student is permitted to bring any electronic gadgets like mobiles, cameras, I-pods etc to school. If found, the gadgets will be confiscated and will not be returned.

      Anyone who seeks to influence the decision of the Management with regard to admission to KG or Plus Two by bringing letters of recommendation, attempting to offer, or even hinting at offering a donation, that particular candidate will have his/her name automatically struck from the registration list.