A Word to the Parents / Guardians

A Word to the Parents / Guardians

In educating a child, the parents/guardians and teachers have to co-operate and complement each other. Here are a few noteworthy suggestions.

1)  Kindly make use of this Diary. Valuable comments from teachers will be written on the pages of the Diary marked as TEACHER’S REMARKS.

2)  Please do attend the Parent-Teacher meeting regularly. You

will be able to meet teachers during those days and discuss  your child’s progress with them.

3)  Please visit the teachers during the intervals only.

4)  Please remember that a disciplined child at home will be a disciplined child at school. Take interest in their      tests, assignments and their daily work and also in their extra-curricular activities.

5)  Private tuitions are not to be encouraged.

6)  Please do not harass your children, abuse or punish them when they fall short of your expectations in academic performance. Try to encourage and instill confidence in them. Please try to examine if YOU are in anyway responsible for the backwardness of your child.

7)  Kindly avoid criticizing the teachers in the presence of your children.

8)  Please do not believe everything your children tell you about the teachers or the school. Children are very imaginative and they cook up stories to escape punishment.

9)  But, if you have genuine complaints, please do not hesitate to ask the teacher directly or bring the matter to the notice of the school authorities.