De Nobili Schools conduct Plus-Two courses in Science, Commerce and extended our educational facilities to students who have studied in our schools up to Std. X.

De Nobili Schools are committed to admit primarily our own students to the Plus-Two courses. If there is a room after accommodating our own students who qualify, we will consider eligible candidates from other schools.

A students who fulfills the following criteria, qualifies for Plus Two :-

  1. Science Stream :     60% each in Maths   and                                                                                                                                          Science. Overall 55% in ICSE
  2. Commerce Stream :     50% in Maths. Overall average                                                                                                                                 50% in ICSE

In making the selection for admission, greater weightage will be given to the following considerations :

  1. The candidate is of good character and co-operative in fulfilling the aims of De Nobili.
  1. The degree of seriousness with which one can expect the pupil to contribute to the country’ well being.