1)   Association with those who are smart in studies, in overall performance, service and leadership, is a tremendous help.

2)   Self-reliance is the key to every achievement. Regular private tuition gradually destroys self-confidence and self-reliance.

One must avoid it by all means and discern the commercial motives behind every inducement in this direction.

3)   Moderation in food and other pleasures helps one to realize values through self-discipline.

4)   Regular systematic study and revision helps one to reach any level of academic proficiency. As a result, academic achievers rely on self-study, especially in the morning hours.

5)   An intelligent learner absorbs what is taught, reflects on it and asks questions.

6)   Learning process should be rather co-operative than competitive. Hence, group study, discussion and co-operative learning are great helps to academic achievement.

7)   Noting down important points while reading or attending a class, is a great help.

8)   Assignment and projects do deserve the hard work of the scholar.

9)   God is the source of all talents, one’s own and of others. Discover and develop them.